HuQQa adopts the following principles as Quality management policy

• To ensure that all inputs related to product quality and product safety comply with the specifications. To prevent and take under control physical, chemical and microbiological contamination risks during procurement, production, storage-shipment and sales process stages,
• To produce the products which meet the expectations of our customers and which will be consumed safely, in line with the technological developments and sensitive to the environment, in accordance with food legislation and laws, in high efficiency and on time.
• Identify customer requirements and meet customer satisfaction at quality level to meet these requests
• Performing corrective, preventive and remedial activities by reviewing the system performance according to the objectives of Quality Management System and food safety management system
• Producing healthy, reliable and high quality products, making systematic arrangements in order to ensure customer satisfaction, providing safe products in accordance with defined and measurable quality parameters
• To benefit from technological innovations accordance with appropriate infrastructure and working environment to increase product safety.
• To ensure the conscious participation of our employees by using communication and training opportunities for providing healthy, reliable and high quality products.
• To apply the procedures and instructions to ensure the suitability, development and continuity of the system established with considering human health, to ensure the keeping of the records and to follow up the legal requirements.
• To maintain the leadership of our company in the domestic market by acting with cost awareness in every decision and activity to provide savings.
• To fulfill the legal requirements within the framework of the protection of consumer health in accordance with national and international standards, to minimize product and raw material losses and to create a difference in the sector with personnel awareness through continuous training approach.
• To act in accordance with these values in all our processes by prioritizing our ethical values in all our activities